Balvinder Sangha of Rockpools Global Resourcing & Consulting joins Teamscope as a Senior Advisor.

Teamscope is excited to announce that Balvinder Sangha, our London-based executive search partner and an early client of our platform, is joining us as a Senior Advisor. Balvinder’s appointment will be strategic in expanding Teamscope into new segments and with growing the platform’s use among enterprise and government-level clients. A well-connected advisor with a wealth […]

Workplace mentoring can add incredible value to your organization, but only if it’s conducted effectively.

After surveying learning and development managers from around the world, we decided to launch a new module to help clients facilitate better corporate mentorship programs. Read on to learn more. Successful organizations are seeing the benefits of workplace mentoring. After experiencing a decline through the 1980s and 1990s workplace mentoring has experienced a rebound, a […]

Why leadership consultants should switch to virtual coaching, and 5 tools to help you succeed.

Like most other industries, executive coaching is experiencing an evolution in methodology spurred along by advances in digital technology. With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, shifting to a new way of coaching is now less of an option and more of a necessity. Executive coaching is in demand and appears to have a strong future. To […]

Hiring in the time of corona; face-to-face interviews are out, so how can a remote interview still lead to a great hire?

Face-to-face interviews are a cornerstone of the traditional hiring process, but life under forced social distancing is requiring organizations to adapt. Can you still make a good hiring decision without sitting across from your candidate? Why hiring managers like in-person interviews. Hiring a person into an organization is an act of trust and hiring managers […]

How to build high performing teams for digital transformation?

What really motivates disruptive digital talent and how to build an environment where they can perform at their best? When working with our enterprise clients, we have seen that mature organizations often struggle with finding the right talent to lead their digital transformation initiatives. The characteristics that they normally look for in candidates are not […]

Interviews can make your hiring decisions worse

I recently shared with you some experiences from my headhunting business, focusing on how the headhunting process can go wrong and end without employment. There is another common cause of such a negative outcome: the interview. Yes, the core mechanism for hiring people is the common context for making hiring mistakes. This selection tool has been criticized a lot for its […]

How to choose your headhunter?

Employment decisions are among the most difficult ones for executives. The cost of the wrong decision is high and usually, executives are not well prepared for selecting people. They have not received specific training in making people decisions and after all, they are humans – a thing that cannot (yet) be fully improved. Humans tend […]