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Own your talent data and support executive teams with decision tools for hiring, succession planning, and development.

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Proprietary talent data

Gain a competitive advantage by collecting and using proprietary talent data to better understand what helps portfolio teams succeed and in what aspects they might be lacking.

Informed decision-making

Use Teamscope to gather, evaluate and understand talent and performance data to inform better decision-making.

Pre-deal evaluation

Evaluate and understand the strengths and improvement areas of leadership teams in a consistent and data-driven manner even before a deal is made.

Data-driven process

Implement a consistent, data-driven process for team evaluation, hiring, and succession planning enhanced by proprietary talent data that you own.

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Data-driven insights combined with professional intuition lead to wise decisions and the best possible outcomes.

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How it works?

We combine scientific testing with big data analytics for team- and candidate evaluation.

Interactive evaluation

Based upon analysed data from team member and candidate surveys on competencies, personality, and values.

The science

Our surveys rely on three scientific frameworks to better understand people in terms of competenies (McClelland, Spencer), personality (The Big 5), and values (Schwartz).

A repeatable and consistent process for scaling and developing portfolio leadership teams

Pre-deal evaluation

Get an understanding of the leadership team strengths and improvement areas before a deal is made.

Succession planning

Identify, promote, and develop new leaders and plan for succession with the included succession tools.

Continuous feedback

Understand the impact of initial leadership team analysis and its role on results 3 - 5 years down the line.


Provide onboarding support and build a long-lasting relationship aided by Teamscope data and tools.

Team development

Use the included team assessment and development tools to ensure ongoing development.


Learn how companies in a variety of sectors are using Teamscope to achieve their business goals.

Executive Search

Learn how an established executive search firm in London uses Teamscope to offer value-added service and win new business.

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Private Equity

Learn how a leading private equity firm uses Teamscope to assist with leadership assessment and team development.

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Learn how a leading automotive company used Teamscope to recruit a full leadership team to a new corporate start-up.

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We started to use Teamscope to help us in assessing existing and onboarding new management teams into our portfolio. It is a fantastic tool for development purposes; helping with identifying potential strengths and gaps within teams, which in turn helps focus developmental areas for both individuals and/or the team as a whole.

Max Alfano

Portfolio Talent Team at HG Capital

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60% of executives say the biggest challenge when starting a new position is understanding the culture and the team. We help by demystifying the unspoken in team relations.

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