Build winning leadership teams.

A.I. driven talent analytics platform
for building high-performing teams.

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  • Emma Hintzen 10+ years in tech, investor, 2-time founder, 1 exit
  • Nick Paulford Serial entrepreneur with a focus on team building
  • Jay Henry Grew a startup from $0 to $100m+ in revenue

Understanding the context and team
dynamics is critical when making
executive hiring decisions

60% of executives say the biggest challenge when starting a new position is understanding the culture and the team
30% of executives fail or underperform in their first year - the most common cause is a lack of fit with the team or organization
150 - 250% of annual salary is the direct cost of replacing an executive

The Teamscope platform
combines big data analytics
with scientific testing to:

analyze the values, personalities, and competencies of team members

evaluate how each candidate would complement the team

help the hiring manager make a more objective, data-driven decision

Backed by global leaders in technology and talent management

Every team we analyze makes
our algorithm smarter

Strong science combined with groundbreaking technology

Teamscope combines decades of academic research on human personality and organizational behaviour with modern big data analytics to deliver unique talent insights.

Powerful big data analytics

We utilize the groundbreaking technology developed by IBM Watson to get a better understanding of people’s character based on their virtual footprint.

Proprietary machine learning model

Every team that we analyze gives us additional data points that help further refine our data model and increase the predictive validity of our algorithm.

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Building value-added partnerships
with leading executive search firms

Offer a unique service Make your firm stand out to prospective clients and candidates. Teamscope’s innovative software solution complements value-added services.
Build your knowledge pool Run custom talent analytics tests with the data you gather to learn and understand what differentiates the best performers in your sector.
Engage key stakeholders Include the key team members and stakeholders early on and set your candidates up for success.
  • "Teamscope is one of the most innovative assessment products that I have seen in some time. Sophisticated data science built into a simple and intuitive digital user interface. It's exactly what was missing in the market, and is in significant client demand." Tim Robson
    Managing Partner | H.I. Executive Consulting (HIEC)
  • "We are partnering up with Teamscope for 3 reasons - to help our clients assess candidates in a simple, understandable way; to have an in-depth discussion with our clients about the characteristics of their leadership team; and to help our clients make better decisions when hiring into critical roles." Ian Coyne
    Chief Growth Officer at The Up Group

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