67% of employers see a candidate’s cultural fit as ‘very important’ in the hiring process (HR Magazine, 2017)

Teamscope combines big data with scientific testing to analyse the existing team. Based on that, our algorithm suggests what characteristics to look for in a candidate and evaluates how well each candidate fits the role and the team. Finally, the platform provides a detailed candidate profile and a personalised interview guide for each candidate to help the hiring manager choose the best person for their team.


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Demonstrate your unique expertise

Have insightful discussions on data analytics, and the quantified softer qualities needed to make the candidate succeed in the role

Gain a competitive

Make your firm stand out to prospective clients and candidates with a unique method that is using artificial intelligence and behavioural science

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Better understand the challenges of the organisation to create a long-term partnership with the hiring manager and retain your clients

We are driven by data

Every team that we analyse makes our algorithm smarter

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Strong science combined with groundbreaking technology

Teamscope combines decades of academic research on human personality and organisational behaviour with modern big data analytics to deliver unique talent insights.

We rely on the Big5 framework for analyzing personality and the Schwartz model of universal human values to understand what really motivates people and how they normally interact with others.

We rely on the groundbreaking technology developed by IBM Watson and Cambridge University to get a better understanding of people’s character based on their virtual footprint.

Every team that we analyze gives us additional data points that help further refine our data model and increase the predictive validity of our algorithm.

"Teamscope helped us uncover aspects of teamwork we might not have discovered ourselves"

Mattias Lepp

CEO, Click & Grow
The results were very accurate, it was like looking into a virtual mirror. Our team’s analysis led us to a number of bottlenecks which we need to address in order to improve collaboration.

Harold Saar

Head of Sales and Marketing, Stigo
Teamscope helped us to better understand our similarities and differences, so we can build on the shared values as well as consider the ones that make us all unique.

Katrin Isotamm

Head of Communications, Telia

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