How it works

Learn how to use Teamscope for hiring, onboarding, and developing high-performing teams.

Build winning teams.

Help teams to leverage the unique strengths of each individual and shape a culture where everyone can perform at their best.

each member

Invite your team to join and discover the unique strengths and intrinsic motivators of each team member.

team values

Learn what are the core values that shape the foundation of your team culture.

Identify potential gaps in the team

Understand what characteristics to look for in a candidate to complement the team.

Hire with data, reduce bias.

People work in teams. Hiring and assessment usually focuses on individuals. This discrepancy is the main reason for hiring mistakes.

Define critical competencies

Describe the competencies that are required to be successful in the role.


Understand how each candidate would complement your team.

Combine data
with intuition

Conduct a structured behavioral interview and evaluate candidates objectively based on the characteristics that really matter.

Improve onboarding.

Guide new members in developing good working relationships with all the team members quickly and effectively.

Understand the team culture

Help new team members quickly understand the culture and dynamics of the team.

Establish strong working relationships

Have a meaningful discussion about the norms, expectations, and preferences of new team members.

Help people perform at their best

Leverage the unique strengths and intrinsic motivation of people to help each individual perform at their best.

Build a winning organization.

Track the development of teams and hiring processes in the entire organization, all from a clear, simple dashboard.

"Teamscope is one of the most innovative assessment products that I have seen in some time. Sophisticated data science built into a simple and intuitive digital user interface. It's exactly what was missing in the market, and is in significant client demand."

Tim Robson

Managing Partner at H.I. Executive Consulting (HIEC)

"We started to use Teamscope to help us in assessing existing and onboarding new management teams into our portfolio. It is a fantastic tool for development purposes; helping with identifying potential strengths and gaps within teams, which in turn helps focus developmental areas for both individuals and/or the team as a whole."

Max Alfano

Portfolio Talent Team at HG Capital

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