How to build high performing teams for digital transformation?

What really motivates disruptive digital talent and how to build an environment where they can perform at their best? When working with our enterprise clients, we have seen that mature organizations often struggle with finding the right talent to lead their digital transformation initiatives. The characteristics that they normally look for in candidates are not […]

How to conduct a meaningful job interview – advice for startup founders

One of the biggest challenges for many startup founders is recruitment. Most founders are first time managers, so you probably don’t have much prior experience you can rely on. And unless you just closed a major vc round, you probably can’t afford the best headhunters (and you really should not hire the mediocre ones). So […]

How to build a winning startup team?

Team is everything “– you’ll hear that from investors, startup founders, advisors, and everyone else involved with the startup scene. But when you dig deeper and ask what are the criteria they look for in teams, you’ll probably hear something emotional like “Look for the spark in their eyes” or “Look for hustlers” or “Great […]