Teamscope Launches Team Development Toolkit

We are introducing a team development toolkit that includes a selection of tools with detailed instructions designed to be facilitated by team coaches, team leaders, or HR professionals.

Ott Niggulis

These tools include goal alignment to align a team towards a common goal, competency benchmark and gap analysis to check that the required competencies for the set goals exist within a team, weekly pulse survey for gathering employee feedback, and values alignment for understanding how well team members’ personal values are aligned with team goals and company values.

All tools in the toolkit are built to run on their own to address a particular issue, improve teamwork in general, or be combined to form a team development workflow. To enhance the toolkit’s usefulness, proprietary Teamscope team and user data are used whenever possible.

For example, the toolkit can first align and unite the team around a common goal by using the goal alignment tool and then using the competency benchmark and gap analysis tool to identify any potential competency caps that might hinder the team from achieving their stated goal(s).

For team coaches and consultants, the toolkit is a way to bring innovation and data to the coaching process, either on-site or online. An experienced team coach can pick-and-choose various tools from the toolkit to build out a development workflow.

For HR-professionals working in corporate talent teams, the toolkit is a way to add value in assisting business leaders and teams to become more agile and help managers develop teams.

Team leaders can use the toolkit independently to build a structured workflow to run team development sessions during a team offsite or as stand-alone events.

The toolkit is in continuous development. We do our best to continue adding new tools to the kit, but we are open to cooperation and suggestions. If you would like to suggest a tool to be added or even consider building your own personalized workflow with Teamscope, let us know, we are happy to discuss this further.

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