MAJOR RELEASE: Score and compare candidates in the new Teamscope dashboard

Teamscope hiring dashboard

We have released major improvements to the Teamscope platform by introducing structured candidate evaluation and candidate scorecards. These improvements make it easier to manage the whole candidate selection process and help in making unbiased and data-driven hiring decisions.

Hiring decisions are complex, a lot of information is exchanged during the process. Some of it important (job-related competencies, motivation) and some irrelevant (first impression, hobbies). It is no wonder then that the typical success rate in executive hiring falls between 50-60%.

To help focus on the things that matter, research has shown that having a structure and using a scoring system helps. By having them in place, you can expect a success rate of ~90% (Lou Adler, Hire With Your Head, 2007).

The idea of using a structured evaluation and scorecards in hiring is not new. Indeed Daniel Kahneman, Lou Adler and others consider it as the best-known way of making great hiring decisions. In line with that, we have made some changes to Teamscope.

The biggest news is the implementation of a hiring dashboard with candidate scoring and comparison built-in. It brings all the information under one roof from creating a new position to describing key objectives, differentiating competencies, candidate comparison and more:

Get Started

The hiring guide - Teamscope

The “Get started” section includes all the pieces needed to get you started. The first option, The hiring guide, is a handbook that gives the hiring manager and other stakeholders simple guidelines that help them conduct the process based on proven science and best-practices.

Next section, the position profile, brings together three critical pieces of information – basic requirements, differentiating competencies, and team fit factors for the role in question, among others.

Basic requirements

Differentiating competencies

Team fit


Shortlist includes all candidates that have been invited to take the Teamscope assessment. Clicking on a candidate’s name will open up their Teamscope profile with assessment results along with their personalised behavioural interview guide. Their assessment results are benchmarked against the requirements of the role and highlights their potential influence on team dynamics.


Competency evaluation screen with scoring and comments

The evaluate section enables users to evaluate each candidate against the selection criteria in a fair and unbiased way. All candidates are evaluated independently against each hiring criteria based on specific data points of their profile. Additionally, interviewers can view and add private comments and notes for each selection criterion.


Compare makes it easy for all stakeholders to see and compare candidates against each other by seeing their overall scores as well as scores for each criterion and review comments made during the evaluation to help recall most relevant observations.



The successful candidate(s) are moved to the onboarding section. This section includes links and guides to review the overall new employee team profile together with them to help with understanding the culture and dynamics of the team and the company as well as set up clear goals on what is expected of them in the workplace to get off to a good start.

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