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“Great things in business are never done by one person.
They are done by a team of people.” — Steve Jobs

30% of executives fail or underperform in their first year - the most common cause is a lack of fit with the team or organization.

60% of executives say the biggest challenge when starting a new position is understanding the culture and the team.

150 - 250% of annual salary is the direct cost of replacing an executive.

People decisions are risky and complex, especially so in highly collaborative environments. With the right tools and data, leaders can vastly improve the quality of their hiring decisions, resulting in more engaged, happier employees and high-performing teams. We are here to make that happen.

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Teamscope is a talent analytics platform designed to help team leaders make the best hiring decisions and build high-performing teams.

Built on the principles of Daniel Kahneman and other leading behavioral scientists, who state that human intuition, when combined with a data-driven decision making process, will lead to the best hiring decision.

Proven frameworks

The most robust and proven methods for understanding the motivators, personalities, and competencies of people.

Decision science

Data-driven insights combined with professional intuition lead to wise decisions and the best possible outcomes.

Machine learning

Every team that we analyze gives us additional data points that help further refine our data model and increase the predictive validity of our algorithm.

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Build winning teams.

Help teams to leverage the unique strengths of each individual and shape a culture where everyone can perform at their best.

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Hire with data, reduce bias.

People work in teams. Hiring and assessment usually focuses on individuals. This discrepancy is the main reason for hiring mistakes.

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Improve onboarding.

Help new team members quickly understand the values and preferences of the team and develop great working relationships.

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"Teamscope is one of the most innovative assessment products that I have seen in some time. Sophisticated data science built into a simple and intuitive digital user interface. It's exactly what was missing in the market, and is in significant client demand."

Tim Robson

Managing Partner at H.I. Executive Consulting (HIEC)

"We started to use Teamscope to help us in assessing existing and onboarding new management teams into our portfolio. It is a fantastic tool for development purposes; helping with identifying potential strengths and gaps within teams, which in turn helps focus developmental areas for both individuals and/or the team as a whole."

Max Alfano

Portfolio Talent Team at HG Capital

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